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Testing& Certification

We Are Accredited For Testing And Grid Connection Certification Of Power Generation Units And Systems, Including Inherent Controlling And Protection Devices

Our independent and accredited testing and certification services are aimed at project planners and manufacturers of power generation and storage systems as well as manufactures of secondary technology. They are grouped under the umbrella of FGH certification company. There you will find everything on this topic:

  • Network connection studies and certification of power generation plants and storage systems
  • Equipment certificates for power generating units
  • Certification of remote control and protection (compliant with specifications of RfG)

We also offer accredited testing of the electrical characteristics of generation units, plants and components as well as type tests according to IEC 61850.

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Hanna Johnen, B.Sc.
Hanna Johnen, B.Sc.
Executive Assistant
Testing & certification
+49 621 976807-50
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