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On-Site Inspections

On-site inspection

A basic requirement for commissioning of generating plants and for their reliable, unfailing operation is that all theoretical planning and technical and statutory specifications are duly put into practice. In this respect, we stand by you, assuring competence and flexibility.

Protection systems must work safely, quickly, selectively and reliably so that their protection tasks for the grid and system components can be fulfilled. Therefore, we support you with the layout and assessment of protection concepts and settings. If required, we can undertake to test the protection systems based on our practical experience in more than 4,000 projects within the last ten years.

Compliance Testing

In the context of wind farm compliance testing in Ireland, we have experience in preparing grid compliance test reports for EIR/SONI grid and in performing evaluation of test data. For these projects we have: 

  • analysed the raw data of the measurement
  • completed test reports including chapters on active power control, frequency response and reactive power capability and control, each according to the regulations of the relevant grid code of the respective network operator (e.g. EirGrid or SONI) and based on a record-template provided by the network operator
  • completed the test report on fast frequency response and primary, secondary and tertiary response, also based on a template provided by EirGrid 
  • indicated and highlighted potential deviations in case of non-compliance.

Your Competent Partner For Wind Turbines, Combustion Engines And Solar Systems

FGH provides several years of experience in the evaluation, testing and diagnostics of electrical systems and itemized equipment. Our team is trained regularly in technical and occupational safety – and has a high level of specialist and manufacturer-specific system knowledge in the areas of wind energy, photovoltaics and internal combustion engines. You can benefit from having a partner who possesses

  1. cross-sector system know-how of all major manufacturers (wind power, solar systems, combustion engines),
  2. long-term cooperation with all stakeholders in the field,
  3. years of experience in carrying out protection tests & conformity declarations according to state-of-the-art technology,
  4. geographical proximity to your project locations.

Our Offer In The Context Of Grid Integration

  • Testing of protection devices
  • Earthing measurements
  • Conformity declaration
  • Commissioning statement
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Power quality measurements
  • Measuring campaigns for power plants without unit certificate

Further Inspection Services

In addition to inspection services in the context of grid integration of renewable energies, we also offer comprehensive inspection services for manufacturers of cables and other equipment. These include, for example: Ultrasonic measurements of power cables and electromagnetic field calculations.

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