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About FGH

About FGH

FGH – The Research & Development Network For The Electricity And Power Industry

FGH develops technical solutions and provides services in the areas of electrical networks and power engineering systems for network operators, manufacturers, project planners and system operators. Based on our fundamental and application research, we develop modular software and algorithms for network optimization as well as network and system analyses.  Moreover, we advise manufacturers and project planners of decentralized generation systems and network operating resources on network integration. On behalf of our customers, we certify generating units and systems, carry out type tests, laboratory and field measurements.

Since 1921, our declared goal has been professional and scientific research into future topics in the energy and electricity industry and the transfer of the resultant knowledge to engineering practices. That makes us the central point of contact for the industry, operators and associations.
We round off the know-how transfer with our practice-oriented, interactive advanced training modules.

As a pioneer, among others, in the network integration of decentralized generation systems, we make our contribution to the elaboration of renewable energies in Germany and have a substantial share in the safety and quality of the German transmission and distribution networks.