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The Development Of Software Adjusted To The Needs Of Network Operators Is One Of The Core Competencies Of FGH

Do you want to optimize your network in today’s times of renewable energies and redispatch? Would algorithm-based capacity planning and predictive network expansion simplify your work? With our software tools for network calculation and planning combined with relevant network and system studies on  transmission and distribution level, we support you if you have any queries about network optimization.

Our Software Applications

  • INTEGRAL –network planning
  • InterAss – recording and evaluation of disturbances
  • ComplEYE – compliance monitoring for network operators
  • MoBeV – modular operating tool for distribution network operators facing the new requirements of redispatch
  • and GridCheck – evaluating connection requests for decentralised power generation 

With our tools we advise and assist network operators along their entire value chain. Benefit from a combination of more than 50 years of experience and the close interdisciplinary cooperation within our company. We ensure that your work is state-of-the-art in accordance with the current legal framework.

Would you like a solution beyond that? We can do even more – just talk to us. Together we will develop a solution. Our agile working methods allow us to respond quickly and precisely to the wishes of our partners and customers.


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Max Hoven, M.Sc.
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