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Distribution Networks

Distribution Network

Network operators at the distribution level operate their networks to distribute electricity and gas to their end customers under the aspect of stability and reliability. Their networks are located downstream of the transmission network.

Distribution network operators with system responsibility

As a result of energy transition and the associated high integration of renewable energies into the energy system, network operators are faced with new tasks. Since wind parks, photovoltaic systems and other decentralized producers are primarily connected to the network at the distribution level, it poses major challenges to the responsible network operators, because network planning and grid operation need to be adapted to the new situation. ancillary services such as such as voltage and frequency control, operational management and system restoration as well as , functionality of protection systems and participation in redispatch measures are just a few of the key words that are preferred in the everyday language of a distribution network operator. The amount of data and the necessary speed of responsiveness also increase in step with the system responsibility of network operators.

With its research area of electrical networks, the FGH is taking on the task of accompanying and actively shaping this change.
On the basis of ongoing research projects, software tools like INTEGRAL (need-based grid optimization), InterAss and network studies, we support you in your work.

At the same time, we will assist with you in formulating your conditions of technical connection or monitoring of supplier as part of compliance monitoring.

We work concurrently with various (inter)national committees and working groups on further development of framework conditions and solutions for the power grid of the future.


Grid Code compliance

Network planning and connection

Operational planning

Operational management

Asset Management

Compliance Monitoring

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