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Analyses And Studies

Analyses and Studies

In addition to our services for plant operators, FGH supports various network operators in processing connection requests. Our services range from the formal and technical examination of connection requests documentation, the calculation and determination of the PCC, up to the point of verification of conformity and compliance documentation and grid connection studies. We can use our experience to support plant operators in connection with grid connection applications, negotiations with DSOs and TSO and the review of connection offers. 

Compliance Testing

System operators request testing reports on active and reactive power capabilities of wind farms. We have set up various - especially for wind farms in Ireland. They are based on measurements provided by the manufactures on behalf of the wind farm operators. Hence, we know well the expectations of Irish system operators on grid connection requirements and their documentation.

Furthermore, these projects helped us to develop a deep insight into the internal processes of the network operators.  Which we also influence through in-house workshops and process consulting. Therefore, we can support grid operators in developing effective and efficient processes for grid connection.

Grid Studies/Modelling

We have many years of experience and in-depth know-how in modelling and simulation of electrical grids, ultimately also based on our own tool INTEGRAL. Our experience extends from simulations in transmission and distribution systems for expansion planning and grid operation, to calculations on a generation system’s characteristics at a single point of grid connection. These plant basis simulations provide detailed information up to the individual power generation unit. 

The software environment we choose for model implementation and modelling depends on your preferences and the requirements of your target market and may include 

  • DIgSILENT PowerFactory 
  • MATLAB Simulink 
  • Siemens PSS/E 
  • PSCAD 

Our customers benefit from our experience and acquired know-how resulting from both national and international projects.

We investigate regularly world-wide requirements and international grid codes or evaluate the requirements for special target frameworks consistent with customers’ inquiries. The international market is the clear target of our range of services. 

For project developers and plant builders, we execute analyses of the grid code compliant electric design and plant conception, even as the project is in its early state. We interpret the requirement to perform conformity assessment activities and put up testing and valuation plans for the customer. As an “enabler”, we endeavour to support our customers in the process of qualification and successful marketability of our products.

Grid Connection

Moreover, through preliminary studies we extract framework-specific-requirements for the grid connection and identify preventive measures that may become critical to the project’s success. This way your project follows a clear solution plan and the risk of time delays and additional investments is minimized. After elaboration of the grid connection concept and the final configuration of the system design, we provide an independent grid study which confirms the compliance of the grid code requirements by calculations and simulations of the generating plant. These grid connection studies could, for example, cover the following topics:

  1. Project management of the work in scope 
  2. Data collection and validation together with COILLTE, the PGU manufacturer and the grid operator
  3. Preparation PGF model and the substation
  4. Load flow study for different scenarios (nominal, max. and min. voltage with different power factor requirements)
  5. Voltage fluctuations (i.e. upon start up and shut down of the turbines)
  6. Dynamic fault behaviour
  7. Reactive power analysis in order to identify the need of a reactor/capacitor bank or other power electronic devices
  8. Identification of ripple control frequency problems and development of prevention measures
  9. Short circuit analysis according to the national requirements
  10. Low Voltage Ride through analysis as per applicable grid code
  11. Frequency response analysis as per applicable grid code
  12. Harmonic/THD and flicker analysis in order to identify possible risks of the PGF not meeting the grid code requirements and development of preventive measures 

In addition to our services for plant operators, we have been developing and implementing precise dynamic simulation models of generation units and components for about 5 years - so far for Spain, Finland, India, Canada and Germany.

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Dr.-Ing. Daniel Schacht
Dr.-Ing. Daniel Schacht
Grid & System Analyses
Electrical Grids
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Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Frederik Kalverkamp
Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Frederik Kalverkamp
Grid Integration of Power Generation Facilities, Storage Units & Charging Stations
Power Systems Technologies
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Mansoor Ali, M.Sc.
Mansoor Ali, M.Sc.
Power Generation & Grid Technologies
Power Systems Technologies
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