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Association's Purpose

Association's Purpose

The purpose of the association of FGH e.V. is to promote science and research within the meaning of the Sec. 52 (2) s.1, no. 1 AO, based on scientific studies and clarification of all questions and phenomena that arise in the planning, construction and operation of power supply systems, especially in the fields of high-voltage and high-current technology. Our activities are intended to promote efficiency and security in the supply of electrical energy. They are aimed at further development and maintenance of the high technical standard of power supply systems and their industrial products.

You can apply for a full membership of FGH e.V. as a network operator, system manufacturer, system operator, general contractor or project planner in the entire spectrum of electrical energy supply and transmission. In accordance with the purpose of FGH e.V., we conduct research work in development activities in the fields of electrotechnical and energy-related power supply and transmission.

Our core competencies are well-established in the areas of:

  • Power engineering systems in the field of power generation
  • Electrical grids with regard to integration of decentralized generation systems and units, storage systems and charging infrastructure into electrical power grids
  • Network analyses and network system studies

To acquire your membership, please apply in writing. Do you have specific queries about various possibilities as a member of FGH or about the range of our services? Just get in contact with us.

Your Contact Person

Brigitte Hirth
Brigitte Hirth
Assistant Executive Board
FGH e.V.
+49 621 976807-10