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Manufacturers of energy equipment and components

Manufacturers of power generating units such as wind turbines, internal combustion engines or PV systems as well as manufacturers of switchgear or cables see themselves confronted with the special challenges of rapidly evolving technological developments. That results in direct competitive pressure. In order to be able to operate successfully in the market, your products must always adhere to the current regulatory and standard-compliant requirements.  

Added to this are the rapid changes in the market regulation of energy supply and the associated adjustment in guidelines, which leads to a steadily accelerated product development and gradually shortens the so-called “time-to-market”.

Market entry

Product development and qualification

Equipment diagnostics

Your contact persons:

M.Sc. Mansoor Ali
M.Sc. Mansoor Ali
Division Manager
Power generation technologies & grid components
Power generation plants
+49 241 997857-255
Dr.-Ing. Gregor Brammer
Dr.-Ing. Gregor Brammer
Research Associate
Research & Development
Power generation plants
+49 621 976807-13
Dipl.-Ing. Parsa Tavassoli
Dipl.-Ing. Parsa Tavassoli
Generating units and components
Testing and certification
+49 241 997857-235