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FGH e.V.

FGH e.V. - A Network For Research And Development

As a formally registered association, FGH e.V. was founded in 1921 under the earlier name of ‘Studiengesellschaft für Hochspannungsanlagen (SfH) e.V.’, which simply refers to an association engaged in the study of high voltage systems. For 100 years we have been engaged in research on power engineering and energy industry related topics that arise from respective practical issues. The involvement of network operators and manufacturing industry in project planning and processing ensures a high level of practical relevance. We make our expertise and services available exclusively to our members and partners with the aim of jointly developing and maintaining competence and practice-oriented specialist knowledge. While secure transmission of the newly developed transmission networks was initially the focus of our investigations, today we are devoting ourselves to current technological questions against the background of an electricity industry of the energy transition, both from the system and plant perspective.

The cooperation with the University of RWTH Aachen and other research institutions guarantees comprehensive coverage of the entire field of work. As an interface, we ensure a quick transfer of knowledge from science into practice. We play a major role in ensuring that the safety and quality of German transmission and distribution networks are world leaders. With our services we support the defence of this position in the liberalized market. We will be happy to make our competence and experience available to you as well.

In accordance with its statutes (Article 11, paragraph 4), FGH is supported in the field of research and development by a Research Advisory Board. On the basis of the topicality of the issues, our possibilities and workforce availability, the Research Advisory Board decides about taking up new research and development projects and defines the programs. In the case of joint research projects for which funding is sought from the Federal Ministry of Economics through the Working Group of Industrial Research Associations “Otto von Guericke” e.V. (AiF), the Research Advisory Board confirms with its vote towards AiF that the expected results are an economic benefit and a useful addition to represent scientific knowledge. The Research Advisory Board follows up ongoing research and development projects and, after their completion, supports the implementation of the results achieved in practice. For this purpose, the Research Advisory Board maintains an intensive exchange of experience internally and with the member companies of FGH. This includes, among other things, all events that the research association conducts in the professional public.