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Power Generation Plants

Our field of competence "power generation plants" is addressing manufacturers as well as project planners and plant operators: We support you in the development and commissioning of your products.

Our area of research is focused on the asset management of power engineering systems, especially on the equipment diagnostics of electrical components in the high and medium voltage ranges. Moreover, we explore the requirements for future equipment and new technologies in electrical grids in the national and European context and also collaboratively formulate them.

As regards our service offers, you will receive answers on national and international topics such as:

  • Grid code analyses
  • Pre-qualification of electrical components  
  • Grid connection studies
  • Grid integration of power generating plants
  • Considerations about energy storage and charging stations for electromobility
  • Electrical layout planning
  • Commissioning declarations
  • Protection tests 
  • Technical criteria for grid connection

Benefit from our consulting services encompassing the subject of grid code compliance required as for power generation technology and network equipment at international level. We will support you in designing power generation units and electrical components in conformity with directives not only in Germany, but also in other European markets. In this respect, we are responsible for developing and validating inherent simulation models (including PSSE and PSCAD). You can also rely on our proven services for verification and commissioning procedures performed in large power plants.

Following topics may be of interest to you:

Your contact person:

M.Sc. Syed Mansoor Ali
M.Sc. Syed Mansoor Ali
Division Manager
Power generation technologies & grid components
Power generation plants
+49 241 997857-255
Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Frederik Kalverkamp
Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Frederik Kalverkamp
Division Manager
Grid integration of power generation, storages and charging stations
Power generation plants
+49 241 997857-259
+49 151 6542 9517